Physical Checkup

       McCormick has policy to raise standard of health in community. We offer annual check up programs ranging from standard programs to special programs, e.g. overweight children, cancer screening etc. Our concept is to promote good health through prevention. Early detection of potential health risks will minimize body's damage and make treatment more likely to be successful.

       McCormick's annual check up programs offer convenience and reasonable price, suitable for all age and special interesting groups.


1. Persons aged 35 years and over should check blood lipid profile annually.
2. Persons aged 40 years and over should check an electrocardiography (EKG) annually.
3. Married men and women aged over 35 years and over should check for cancer of the cervix
   and the uterus with PAP smear annually.
4. Women between 46 - 50 years with specific risks and family history of breast cancer should
   check mammography annually.
5. Men aged 50 years and should have PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) checked for prostate
   cancer annually