McCormick hospital was founded by the compassion of American Presbyterian missionaries who shared their own family medicines to the ailing people in Chiang Mai in the 1880s.  The service was supported and became a dispensary center providing medicines by American volunteer doctors.  In 1888, the care moved forward to become a small 8-bed hospital located on the west bank of the Ping River, the area known as the present Chiang Mai Red Cross.

In 1920, Dr.E. C. Cort, the hospital director, built up new buildings at the present location with funds donated by Mrs. Cyrus McCormick. The new hospital, therefore, was officially named after the donor as,

McCormick Hospital

In the late 1920s, McCormick Hospital temporarily received the kindness of Prince Mahidol, the Father of our beloved King Bhumibol and the Father of Thai modern medicine, when His Royal Highness came to help McCormick Hospital as a physician during His Majesty’s residency training.

During the Second World War (1942-1946), the hospital was temporarily taken over by the Thai government and turned into a military hospital.  After the war in 1949, American Presbyterian missionaries gave McCormick Hospital to the Church of Christ in Thailand Foundation to continue their mission.

Over the years, McCormick Hospital has grown and improved along modern lines.  With the primary aim of providing the best healthcare to Thai people, McCormick has been known throughout Chiang Mai and northern Thailand as a hospital that serves with the love of God.  Currently